Clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking

Insight 6: When things start to come together

I’ve learned 12 key things so far while trying to launch Proverbs By Efua. I’ve been away for a while but I’m back. Every Wednesday, I’ll expand on each insight.

When you’re launching a startup, it honestly feels as though everything is going in the exact opposite direction of where you are intending it to go. I mean, you are one person doing everything and you literally feel like you are juggling marbles that are constantly rolling away in every which direction.

However, the good news is that eventually, after what seems like an eternity of chaos, things do start coming together.

Vincent Van Gogh said, “The beginning is perhaps more difficult than anything else, but keep heart, it will turn out all right.”

If we forget that Vincent didn’t really see the fruits of his labor until after he was dead, we should be encouraged to keep keeping on. Be reluctant to give up so early on in the race. It is usually the tenacious ones who can stick around long enough to see the fruits of their labor. Bear in mind that the road traveled will not be easy. But someone once said to me, the bigger the trial, the greater the victory.

Things will start coming together, but they may not look completely pretty. Just keep on going. Of course, I am in the beginning phase, so this is just as much advice for me as it is for anyone else in the startup phase.

The question is, are you at the starting line and already ready to give up? Well, don’t. If you believe in your idea and that there is a market for it, hang on a little while longer.

Join us next week Wednesday for Insight 7: Just wait until you launch

Proverbs By Efua makes work clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking. We aim to be the affordable, high quality, work wear choice for professionals who want to enhance their level of confidence, charisma and goodwill.

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