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How to manage a micromanager

Nobody likes a micromanager. The question is, how exactly can we deal effectively with them?

Here are 3 suggestions

1. Self-evaluate

I thought we were talking about them, not me? True. However, one of the biggest reasons that micromanagers bother us so much lies in the personal attack they seem to be making on our pride. When someone micromanages us, it appears they are attacking our competence in the basic task they are asking us to do.  We may want to lay our pride aside and ask ourselves if the problem is the method with which the task at hand is being managed or the way in which the management of the task makes us feel? We do not necessarily click with every personality type, but we need to recognize this and be able to suck it up, if it means getting a task done effectively.

2. Have a conversation

Sometimes, the micromanager has no idea they are micromanaging you. If this is a pattern that has been continuing for long enough, consider letting them know. After you are confident that you have successfully completed many a task for this manager with no hiccup, respectfully let them know, that you have the task at hand under control and that should there be any confusion or question, they would, without a doubt, be the first to know. Hopefully, they understand this to mean “Please leave me alone until I need you to not leave me alone. Thanks.”

3. Be one step ahead

Sometimes, none of the above apply or are successful and the only other solution is to be one step ahead of the game. What this means is that when assigned a task, make a clear point to ask all clarifying questions in the presence of this micromanager. Gather all the tools you need to complete this task and complete this task as swiftly as possible before your manager has time to take managing to a micro level. If you beat them to the punch, they’ll have to go micromanage someone else, though our goal is not to pass this issue on to someone else.

For some people, a micromanager can make or break a job, but if you love what you’re doing, don’t let it get the best of you. Try the above 3 steps and them let me know how it goes for you.

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