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Two tips on a great first impression at your new job

It’s nerve-wracking entering a new job, new environment, or new situation. Many of us strive for that awesome first impression. Here are 2 tips for achieving that:

1. Be yourself

This may sound so basic, but it’s true. Many times, when we are new, we focus our full attention on making that great impression that we forget to be ourselves. Yes, your first encounters are very important and as many say, it is very difficult to erase someone’s first impression of you. However, if you’re not yourself, you have 2 choices: 1. Maintain the façade, which my friends, is a LOT of work. This will leave you exhausted and will eventually lead you to hate this new job, you were once excited about, or 2. Eventually become yourself. This may sound good but what if the real version of yourself is an introvert and not the extrovert you practiced hard to portray? This is kind of like a betrayal to your co-workers. Though this example is not that extreme, changing personalities a few days or weeks after you’re settled in, makes it difficult for people to trust you and in essence, this will cause more damage than good. What personality will you be next week? It’s confusing. Be the best version of yourself. Everyone wins in the short and long run.

2. Do your homework

You did your homework before interviewing and getting the job (hopefully). Now that you have the job, and you have a few days or weeks before you start, it’s time to do some further digging. Who exactly will you be working with? What are they like? What are the true expectations of the specific team you will be working with? What specifically will you be immediately in charge of? How long does it take to square away your badge, computer or any basic access? Try to connect with some of your co-workers beforehand so that you can learn all this. The reason? It helps you craft great questions that will allow you to be immediately appear productive on your first day. Like, “Considering I won’t have access for 2-3 days, Jo(e) since you’re working on X,Y and Z, can I help you in such and such way?” <— Impressive. Compare this to: “I won’t have access for 2-3 days? No ways! What should I do now? ” <— Unimpressive. It’s that first day/week, really-wanting-to-be-productive thing that really strikes a chord. There is nothing like a new employee who wants to hit the ground running (even if sometimes, it may be a little naïve).

If you truly want to dazzle as soon as you start your new job, these 2 tips will truly come in handy.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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