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Shouldn’t the days leading up to a vacation be stress-free?

I’ve always found that the days at work leading up to a vacation, tend to be the most stressful. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but the thing is, if you’re one of the types who truly cares, you want to make sure that everything is in place and that everyone has what they need in your absence. There’s is nothing worse than a work-related phone call interrupting your sunbathing session ( so maybe being all caring is partly selfish). Also, you want to make sure that though things are in place before your absence, you do not, and I repeat, do no want to be met with a tornado when you return ( Ok, so maybe the caring thing is completely selfish, but hey, everyone wins!). How can you best cope with these critical few days? Here are 3 tips.

1. Breathe

Honestly, you’re going to get the work done. You always have, so just breathe. The more you run around spastic, the more you stress everyone else out and seriously it doesn’t help to stress people out who are not going to be joining you on the vacation. So again, just breathe.

2. Document

Make sure you document everything. For 2 reasons. Firstly, it helps you keep things organized and have a better sense of what you’ve covered and what you haven’t. Secondly, it serves as a reference to those folks left behind who could be potentially garnering a serious dislike for you because they will not be bathing in the sun like you will be. The point is that documentation it helps with the whole communication thing and seriously helps to eliminate confusion. Everyone will thank you, even yourself.

3. Assign

Make sure you assign a point person. My favorite aspect of a point person is my email’s Out of Office Assistant (OOA) “I am currently unavailable from Day 1 to Day 4. If this is an emergency, please contact point person”. Just love it! Obviously, don’t be like me and get all excited about the OOA and forget to tell the point person…. not good. The moral of this story: Get a point person, tell the point person and then train the point person.

Finally, breathe and then go enjoy your vaca!

Proverbs By Efua makes work clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking. We aim to be the affordable, high quality, work wear choice for professionals who want to enhance their level of confidence, charisma and goodwill.


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