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Is there such a thing as looking too good at work?

Looking too good for work

The answer is YES. The end.

LOL. I kid you not, I have heard of stories of ladies wearing party dresses to the office and thinking it’s OK. I truly think that this has more to do with a lack of experience. I mean you just graduated from college, this is your first job, you want to look good, your friends tell you, you look awesome in that dress, so why not wear it to work? Yeah, I understand.  You want to look good, you want to look stylish, you want to be able to transition your outfit from day to night. However it all has to be appropriate. Here are 3 reasons it is important to dress appropriately for work.

1. You want to be taken seriously

You want to appear competent and smart. One of the best ways to do that before they even hear you speak, is through your personal presentation and what you’re wearing plays a huge role in that.

2. You want to stay under the radar 

It’s a tough economy. The job market is unstable. Your employer needs to cut people. “Does that new girl who always dresses like she’s going to a party add any value other than looking too good? Let’s put her on the chopping board”. It sounds shallow but from what I hear, that’s how it works. You want to be associated with value for the right reasons. This brings me to my next point.

3. But you want to shine when necessary

It’s a tough economy. The job market is unstable. Your employer needs to cut people. “Does that new girl who always dresses like she’s next in line for CEO, add any value? “.

” Yeah actually, last I heard, she helped us keep a client account because the client was so impressed with her abilities.”

“Great! Let’s keep her.”

What you wear is important (to an extent), but let’s not try to over or under do it. Shameless plug: Check out our store at we can help you stay on track in this department.

Proverbs By Efua makes work clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking. We aim to be the affordable, high quality, work wear choice for professionals who want to enhance their level of confidence, charisma and goodwill.


6 Responses to “Is there such a thing as looking too good at work?”

  1. Stephanie Shirley

    I think this is becoming a bigger problem than most of us realize! I’ve heard some horror stories as well of people who dress unprofessionally. Certainly you want the right amount of formality, but it should always reflect well upon your personality and ultimately the company. Unfortunately people tend to get just as carried away with “casual Friday”…

  2. Iva

    it’s a very tricky balance – there is no right or wrong, it depends on the situation, the work atmosphere, the colleagues. But I lost my second job because I was too well dressed, no matter I was P.R. and part of my job was to look good. I just overdid it.

    • proverbsbyefua

      So true. It is a very tricky balance and it completely depends on the situation. That’s a shame about your job! Did they at least give you constructive feedback?

      • Iva

        Not really, just showed me the door, but kindly. I realized I was sending the wrong message.

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