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2.5 wacky ways to re-motivate yourself

Daydreaming man 1

There comes a time when the typical things you did to re-motivate yourself, no longer work. You are now left with a conundrum. You really need to knock out these memos today but you just can’t bring yourself to write them. Here are 2.5 wacky ideas that have somewhat helped me in the past:

Jumping Jacks

Go to the restroom and do jumping jacks, not in the stall, but in the open area. The point here is that you don’t want to get caught, because you don’t want to look crazy and as if you have nothing to do. The adrenaline rush of almost getting caught by your superior will force you too feel like you have to deliver something to validate your apparent waste of time in the bathroom. 30 minutes and those memos will be complete!

Online Banking

Visit your online banking account. See how empty it is? Now envision not having a job and it being even more empty. You won’t be able to control your fast-typing fingers.


Allow yourself 30 minutes to day-dream about your relaxing, upcoming weekend. You’ll be away from the office, from your co-workers, from anything with the look or smell of work, IF and only IF you knock out that big pile to urgent to-dos now. Now, you’ve wasted 30 minutes of your day and you now have less time to complete your assignment. You need to get going fast, you only have 1 hour left before you have to leave the office. 🙂

I hope these help to re-motivate you. We’re happy to help 😀


What are your thoughts?

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