Clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking

4 reasons looks matter in the work place


SS14 PictureIt’s sad to say, but we do live in a world where people judge us by our outward appearance.  Unfortunately, there are not many employers who have the time or energy to focus on our hearts and/or the things that better/truly define us. That being said, when it comes to the workplace, how you look does matter and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Better looking people earn more

The widely cited research by Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle published in the Journal of Labor Economics,  states that physically attractive people earn more per hour—about 5 percent on average—than their plain colleagues. And unattractive people earn 9 percent less per hour than their better-looking peers. When you crunch the numbers, this means that for average-looking people earning $40,000, their prettiest coworkers would make $42,000 and their least attractive colleagues would bank only $36,400.

You don’t have to like the results of their research, it’s just unfortunate that their numbers show that better looking people earn more.


2. Better looking people appear to be smarter

You’re heard the saying that perception is reality. This is just as true in the work place as it is anywhere else. Given that most things are equal apart from two individuals’ appearances, it seems that better looking people are more confident, which in turn translates into them appearing to better know what they’re talking about. This in turn translates into them appearing smarter. They may not be smarter, but if people think they are, they might as well be. Again,  perception is reality.

3. They get more promotions

This may have nothing to do with their competence. It may have more to do with the fact that they draw more attention to themselves and so the things they do to excel, are better noticed.

4. They’re treated better

Researchers from a Michigan State University study published in the Journal Human Performance found that employees who are considered unattractive are more likely to be treated poorly in the workplace. You would think that once people grow up and become more mature, they would be willing to overlook such shallowness, but unfortunately, this is not the case.


While I think that looks should not play a role in how you’re perceived, very unfortunately, they do. However, there are several things you can do to make yourself look up to par.  One of those is paying attention to how you dress and keeping an updated wardrobe. They say that if you want to be the boss, you have to dress like the boss, you’ve got to look the part. Dressing well, can do wonders for your career and we strongly urge you to invest in it.

At Proverbs By Efua, our focus is work clothes. We aim to make you look the part. But while you’re dressing for success, you’re also doing the world a whole lot of good by helping to end human trafficking. We’re work clothes for a cause – ending human trafficking. Visit us today at:

A small note in conclusion. No matter how great you look, you should remember that just like an MBA from a top university, looks get you in the door. Once in the door, you actually have to work.


What are your thoughts?

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