Clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking

Office Do’s and Dont’s

Dos and Don'ts

All in good fun, here are a few of my office do’s and don’ts.



1. Dress appropriately. Look the part. Dress like you want to be the next boss. We can help. Click here Bring smelly food and eat it in your cube.
2. Every hour or so, get up from your desk and take a little walk. It’s good for refocusing and tunnel vision prevention Leave your cell phone ringer on the loudest volume and then leave your cube
3. Try and get to know at least person you work with at a level that goes beyond work. You’ll be surprised at some people’s hidden talents Have the loudest, longest personal conversation on the phone
4. Step way from your cube if you want to have a personal conversation. The office really doesn’t need to know the details of your personal life Gossip audibly (or at all) with one co-worker about another ‘mysterious’ co-worker, but think that no one else knows who you’re talking about
5. As much as it depends on you, leave the office at the office Show up late to the office every day and blame it on the traffic

Proverbs By Efua is work clothes for a cause – ending human trafficking.


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