Clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking


Efua Mensah-Brown


Proverbs By Efua makes work clothes for a cause – ending Human Trafficking.

Our Mission

To be the affordable, high quality, work wear choice for professionals who want to enhance their level of confidence, charisma and goodwill.

Pronounced ‘ef’ WA, Proverbs By Efua was founded by Efua Mensah-Brown, who has had a love of fashion since childhood. After living in 5 different countries, (United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Ghana), she can say with absolute certainty that you are judged by what you wear to work. In fact, statistics show that people earn more by looking good at work!

After obtaining undergraduate degrees in Supply Chain and Economics from Georgia Southern University, Efua embarked on a career as a management consultant. Working in this field only endorsed the aforementioned statistics. Even if you had all the brains in the world, a poor presentation will likely distort people’s perception of your strengths.

One major way to influence the way you look in the workplace is by what you wear.

Efua finally reached a point in her career where she became weary of the same old humdrum of the market place and the constant “Oh! I have that dress too”. So after completing her MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, she decided to create an online clothing label dedicated to work clothes, that was of boutique quality, workplace conservative, chic, and  affordable.

Furthermore, given the $32 billion crime of human trafficking destroying our world today, why not give every day professionals, an everyday way to change the way they shop? By purchasing our work wear, you automatically contribute financially towards ending human trafficking. Learn more here.

A problem of this magnitude may seem overwhelming, but the goal is to focus on one freed life at a time. If we can do our part to help one victim, we have helped to make this world a better place.

He who saves one life, saves the world entire‘ -Talmud

We hope you join us on our journey and fall in love with the brand as you excel in the work place and fight against injustice.

Happy reading!!!


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